Journey of Ellee’s Hair Design - Lee Mckay Aberdeen

Journey of Ellee’s Hair Design - Lee Mckay Aberdeen

Book your appointment with Lee Mckay Aberdeen, the #1 leading and reputed hairstylist in Aberdeen. Get a chance to access the unique salon experience today.

The Mckay family along with the Managing Director, Lee Mckay Aberdeen established Ellee's Hair Design on October 27, 2009, in Aberdeen, Scotland. The team of hairstylist in Aberdeen and the company have developed over the past 13 years into a potent market leader for hair & beauty salons in Aberdeen. The business has won national awards in the UK and Scotland. Later, in 2017, Ellee's Hair Design opened a second salon in the heart of Aberdeen City Centre, located at 44 Union Terrace. Also, the hairstylist in Aberdeen at Ellee’s Hair Design developed Ellee's Customer Charter to guarantee that each client will have the best possible salon experience. Our team includes more than 16 members, up from just 2 when we first started. Each employee of the family-owned company Ellee's Hair Design is regarded as a part of the extended family. 

We take care of our full-service offerings, which include everything from luxurious facials and massages to hair cuts and color. You will look and feel your best with the help of our exceptionally skilled and qualified beauty therapists and hair stylist in Aberdeen.

Additionally, to guarantee you the best experience possible, our advanced facilities are well-appointed with the latest technology and products.

Our best hair stylist in Aberdeen will work with you to choose the perfect hair color or cut that complements your personality and lifestyle. If you simply want to relax and pamper yourself, our relaxing salon services will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Lee Mckay Aberdeen- Best Hair Stylist In Aberdeen

Lee Mckay Aberdeen

With more than 18 years of experience in hairstyling, Lee Mckay Aberdeen is recognized as Aberdeen's best hairstylist. Today, he has established himself as a top hairstylist in Aberdeen and Scotland.

Additionally, he is passionate about educating the entire Ellee's Team and to the growth of the hair industry.

In his native Aberdeen, Scotland, Lee Mckay Aberdeen has always wanted to develop not just a hair salon but a center for beauty services for every one of Aberdeen. 

Why Choose Ellee’s Hair Design?

One of the main reasons for choosing Ellee’s Hair Design is that we have hair services within your price range as being the best hair and beauty salon in Aberdeen. At Ellee's, we provide our customers with reasonably priced hair services, such as manicures, spa treatments, hair coloring, hairstyles, and more. Your hair will be strong, lustrous, and healthy to our luxurious services. In order to keep clients coming back time and time again, Ellee's Hair Design offers a wide range of price options.

Another reason includes the complete customization of your hair treatment services. Because the best hair stylist in Aberdeen is such creative individuals, Lee Mckay Aberdeen and Ellee's Hair Design team warmly welcome you to bring pictures of the looks you want to create. Additionally, you can get ideas from our salon pictures. With the help of the images, we are able to better understand the style you're going for and provide you suggestions based on your current hair color, hair condition, and facial characteristics and coloring.  

So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with Lee Mckay Aberdeen, the #1 leading and reputed hairstylist in Aberdeen. Get a chance to access the unique salon experience today.  

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